Economía Forense: Teorías, principios y prácticas

Información útil: University of Missouri-St. Louis

Información útil: University of Missouri-St. Louis
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El papel del economista ante el foro judicial: Ponencia
Trayectoria profesional de Santos Negrón Díaz
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Excelente fuente de información sobre diversos aspectos de la Economía Forense.

Useful Information about Forensic Economics

This web site is being maintained by the faculty and staff of the Economics Department at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. As time goes by, we plan to add many different sources of web based information that will be useful for both forensic economic experts who consult an act as testifying experts in courts of law and attorneys who seek information about the standards for practice for forensic economic expertise. Each item in the list below is a link to information described in the list.  

Useful Advice for Forensic Economists

Useful Cases in Forensic Economic Practice

Legal Decisons Involving Hedonic Damages

Legal Decisions Involving Admission of Expert Economic Testimony

Legal Decisions Involving  Standards for Damages in Wrongful Death or Survival Actions

Ralph Frasca's Law and Economics Case List

Useful Definitions for Forensic Economists

Map of Federal Circuits

Useful Web Sites 

Paul Taylor's AREA Handout for Legal Research  

Questions to Ask When Taking an Assignment in a New State 

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